We offer a variety of avalanche courses. As an official course provider from Avalanche Canada, we offer Avalanche Skills Training courses 1 and 2, Managing Avalanche Terrain and Companion Rescue Courses. These courses follow the requirements and guidelines for the curriculum set by Avalanche Canada. Each course requires at least 3 people to be registered with a maximum of 6. This keeps our guide to student ratio high making for a better learning environment.

Avalanche Skills Training (AST 1+)

This is an introductory course. It’s for those who have an interest in wanting to build a foundation of understanding of avalanches and winter backcountry travel. It’s important to make sure everyone knows how to perform an efficient rescue with the tools they carry if necessary, that’s why this course also places an emphasis on companion rescue on day one.  The second day focuses on safe travel practices, an introduction into managing avalanche terrain and figuring out where we can go to get good safe riding. It’s an online course leading up to 2 full days in the field.

Managing Avalanche Terrain (MAT)

”The MAT is a very focused field-based course designed to expand on the terrain management taught in the AST 1 course, and to develop more advanced winter backcountry travel skills. This course will help you mitigate your risk by honing your terrain evaluation and travel skills”.  2 full field days.

Avalanche Skills Training (AST) 2

After you’ve got the AST 1 under your belt and had at least a winters worth of touring experience to apply that knowledge, you’re ready for the AST 2. “An AST 2 course builds on the foundations of your AST 1, and provides a more advanced decision-making framework for travelling in avalanche terrain. ”  It’s for those that want to start leading trips and to learn how to make the important decisions correctly.  The aim here is for you to be able to plan and safely execute a touring trip according to the weather and avalanche conditions that are within the abilities of your group. Although not a pre-requisite, if you had already taken the MAT course then we continue building on your leading skills. Trip planning, track setting and reassessing our decisions throughout the day. Online session and 4 days in the field.

All participants are required to read and agree to the Waiver. Click the link below, make sure to read and understand it prior to booking. All participants are required to sign a paper version at the start of the trip witnessed by the guide.