Feel the weightlessness of powder snow as it flies into your face and body as you ski through it, or the thrill of climbing high on some remote mountain you've dreamt of and skiing from the summit. Whether it's exploring world famous Rogers Pass, BC for some deep powder, skiing around the town of Revelstoke, some ski mountaineering on some of the 11000'ers of the Canadian Rockies, skiing around Golden or Lake Louise, we've got you covered.

How about a fully guided and catered week long hut trip with just your friends for a week in one of the many backcountry huts in British Columbia? Although this year is difficult for hut trips, they are still possible with small groups that are comfortable being with each other in close quarters.

Want to ski in Japan or Norway? Whatever trip you have in mind we can make it a reality to suit your experience and skill level. Most importantly your safety is always the top priority....maybe next year. Book now for 2022 and you'll received a full refund if we have to cancel because of COVID travel restrictions.

Please make sure to read and understand the waiver before booking a trip


500/day for 1 person

75/day each additional person

Prices listed in Canadian dollars